The worldwide demand for online and distance learning gained attention long before the onset of COVID. The pandemic only fuelled the cause. It also resulted in an increase in the number of eLearning companies conquering the market. However, only the most impactful ones make their mark while others leave the market quietly. Successful eLearning companies adopt successful business models to stay atop.

Direct selling is one such business model that benefits all tiers of the business and perfectly fits the eLearning business. A direct sales e-store with a robust commission system encourages distributors to take the business further resulting in improved growth and revenue.


eLearning is an education model where the tutor and students do not meet in person but courses are offered online on a digital platform through training materials, video tutorials, and supplementary study aids. The success of establishing an eLearning business lies in the organization’s ability to complement this situation. A significant share of the success of these virtual learning programs is attributed to the platform on which it is hosted. Identifying and innovating with newer technologies and advanced business models can get businesses all the needed attention.

An eLearning startup was looking to expand its reach and revenue with a direct selling ecommerce model. The company had limited resources to take its business further. The situation demanded a better direct sales solution that could help them sell their courses and motivate their distributors better.

So we decided to give a twist to their direct sales business with an operational model that is effective and impactful at the same time.


Implementing a solution that could benefit all three tiers of the business—stakeholders, distributors, and customers were quite challenging. Each tier had their own expectations and fulfilling each required extra care and effort. We started off with the final tier, the customers, as they ultimately are the ones who would take the business forward. eLearning, a business with social responsibility, needed a solution that could impart knowledge and deliver value to the people involved. The direct selling model proved a seamless fit for satisfying the demands of the organization.

In the direct sales eLearning model, distributors are free to upload, share, and publish their own courses, earn points for them and redeem these points for commissions. Customers can purchase courses or study materials and earn loyalty points for each purchase. These accumulated loyalty points can be exchanged for rewards like discounts on purchases or freebies. Admins can set any compensation plan that would suit their profit expectations and edit or modify the plan in the due course of the business. They have full control over the commission system.

Customers, the knowledge seekers, needed the same experience as classroom learning but with a twist. So we designed the process with a tinge of gamification to add excitement, engagement, and encouragement. Each module was designed to perfection with customer satisfaction in mind.

We also added enough detailing for the workforce to operate effortlessly. The limited workforce of the organization was already stressed and exhausted in finding new counterparts. Epixel made their journey easy and enjoyable by blending the direct selling model of marketing. A highly rewarding compensation plan coupled with a reward program and a fully functioning e-store lifted their spirits. The newly designed distributor system was a power-packed marketing tool that helped them make faster conversions.

The highly customizable eLearning platform helped administrators invent and implement new ways to enhance user experience in each step of their business journey. Admins were given exclusive privileges to manage and maintain a happy and satisfied workforce. Process automation techniques promised better commission management and payouts without errors or downtime. Business intelligence insights gave a clear cut understanding of their current business performance and actionable insights to improvise their strategies for future success.

Features implemented to ensure the success of customers, distributors, and stakeholders

Learning Management System


Distributors can publish or sell courses from the platform itself.


Other promotional tools for course promotion across channels.


The system accumulates points for each contributed course inspiring distributors to contribute more.


Each attended course will also accumulate points for the corresponding distributors.



An attractive front-end website to showcase courses and products.


Admin manages products in the e-store.


Commissions will be automatically calculated at the end of a 30-day period.


Admin will receive an email notification every time an order is placed.

Event calendar


Available to all users in their respective back offices.


Admin can set or manage events for each distributor.


Events can be viewed in the business’ mobile app.


Each event notification will be sent to the respective distributor.


Events are accessible based on user roles through an event button. Admin can activate or deactivate the event button according to the start or end of the program.

Compensation plan automation


Admin can set a compensation plan according to the business goals.


They can edit or modify the plan to adjust their profits and revenue.


Admins get a comprehensive view of the commissions paid to each distributor.


Referral commissions on subscriptions or the sale of products or courses will automatically be credited to the distributor wallet depending on their rank or level.


Earned commissions will be credited to the account through Hyperwallet or PayQuicker as decided by the admin.


The admin approves withdrawal requests from users.


Once the amount is transferred to the distributor account, the system will automatically mark the entries as “paid”, eliminating the chances of overpayment.

Distributor system


Customizable replicated website with a personal profile dashboard.


Support ticket system to address each individual concern of the distributor.


Promotional tools and training modules for improving sales.


Reports on sales, commissions, referrals, course completions, and contributions.


Android and iOS-supported mobile app to manage the business on the go.


Individual e-store for each distributor to upload their courses or products which will be listed in the company e-store post admin approval.


Organize and manage email campaigns in CRM.


Live chat module to address customer concerns. The concerns of each customer will be assigned to the respective distributor.

Expected Results

Number of distributors

Increase in the number of distributors who joined in 6 months

Average sales value of distributors

Increase in the average value of sales from each distributor

Percentage of active salesforce

Increase in the percentage of the salesforce who recruits actively

Average number of customer orders

Increase in the average number of orders placed by a customer

Distributor activity rate

Increase in distributor activity rate (Increase in percentage of distributors who were active within 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, etc. of their application date)

Distributor recovery rate

Increase in distributor recovery/rejoin rate (Increase in percentage of inactive distributors who became active again)


Implement an intelligent direct sales solution to motivate your distributors and help them sell better.

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