The Shopify MLM Plugin – Handle your e-commerce business like a breeze!

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    Built on Django, the platform lets you manage and track the performances of your affiliates, distributors, and influencers.

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    Allowing you to only pay them a commission on ACTUAL sales.

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    Connect to influencers, find targeted audiences, create unlimited referral links, coupons, and customized dashboards, and track the source of every sale.

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    Build a smart and efficient online store with the exemplary hosting and security that the plugin offers. Shopify is a feature-ready software plugin that enables faster operations with your online store. Give your customers a stylish and curated look with paid themes to boost the overall operations of your business.

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    It has unique sales features like built-in abandoned cart recovery, promo codes, and discounts, a vast selection of products, a variety of payment options, blogs, websites, etc.

The Shopify MLM Plugin lets you sell across any online ecommerce platform through built-in multichannel integration. The platform is also secure with an SSL certificate and by default compliant with PCI DSS.

Top features of the Shopify MLM Plugin


The Shopify MLM Plugin platform is meticulous and has high-end features yet, it is accessible and its elements are easily amendable for experts and amateurs alike.

Apt for any volume of business

From small businesses to SMEs to larger businesses, no matter how huge your product volume is, the Shopify MLM Plugin can make your operations smooth and reliable.

Stringent security

Shopify MLM Plugin being a hosted ecommerce platform, there is no room for fear of hacking or security breaches. This makes sure that your customers’ personal and payment information is safe and secure.


With a wide choice of templates and designs that could make your platform attractive, the Shopify MLM Plugin lets you customize your page and sell your products quickly.

With Shopify MLM Plugin, a myriad of opportunities awaits you!

The Shopify MLM Plugin page lets you unlock newer possibilities with your MLM business. The customizable, user-friendly, and secure platform lets you scale up your business in more ways than one.

Compensation plan management

Review the performance of your compensation plan with futuristic tools that track, identify, and deliver insights to help optimize your compensation strategies.

Customer acquisition and retention

Effectively engage your customers with rewards and loyalty by analyzing their behavior and preferences. This could help you retain them in your brand journey for a longer period of time.

Distributor training

Identify your distributor skills and talents and encourage them to make use of it beneficially for your business. Keep them actively engaged through efficient training and support.

Lead generation

Generate high-quality leads by leveraging the possibilities of effective lead generation strategies.

Sales prospecting

Our effective sales prospecting techniques would let you convert your leads into long-term customers.

Marketing automation

Automate your business processes to deliver the best of customer experiences and generate revenue faster.

Sales enablement

With meticulous training, enable your sales team to grab their deals quickly through various analytics and actionable strategies.

Distributor engagement

Keep your distributors engaged and find out how you can help them with their performances through personalized nurture programs.

Team building

Connect and collaborate with your team to efficiently deliver results by ensuring uninterrupted support.

Distributor onboarding

Personalize your onboarding process to welcome distributors who are going to be an integral part of your business to enable their better engagement and results.

Commission management

Automate your commission payouts with customizable bonuses and commissions, saving your time and effort.

Ecommerce management

Deliver innovative and smart shopping experiences with state-of-the-art inventory management and omnichannel selling tools.

Business management

Analyze your sales and marketing techniques and update them from time to time to generate innovative business insights that will help ease and improve your decision-making processes.

Social selling

Get your business a social image through platforms that are relevant to your business. Get real-time audience insights and feedback which could effectively improve your business in more ways than one.

How to make use of the Shopify MLM Plugin effectively?

The Shopify MLM Plugin has proven content management systems that help distributors manage and accelerate their sales conversion process through its smart marketing suite. With an array of high-end marketing tools like learning platforms, promotional tools, digital ad banners, event schedulers, campaign managers, replicated websites, and omnichannel activity trackers, the plugin page lets you develop an innovative marketing strategy.

The Shopify MLM Plugin page delivers

  • State-of-the-art business intelligence and MLM analytics
  • DIY configurability
  • Flexibility and user-friendliness
  • Commission payouts that are easily manageable
  • Adaptable business operations
  • Customizable branding
  • Round-the-clock customer support
Shopify MLM dashboard

Find newer ways to diversify your ecommerce business with Shopify MLM Plugin

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