Ecommerce is on a dynamic growth spree. More than just growth it is evolving with each passing day with the advent of novel innovations in the areas of marketing, technology, and overall business operations. However, rigorous improvements have to be made, day in and out for ecommerce businesses to not just flourish but to create an extraordinary impact in their respective industries and among their valued customers.

Despite prefixed marketing strategies, ecommerce can only sometimes stick to the norms alone for its quirky nature that varies from industry to industry. Ideally, what would matter in the end is the kind of experience that the brand offers to its customers. Delivering an unparalleled shopping experience to customers thus improving sales volume is what matters the most.


An ecommerce MLM business would always be keen on enhancing its sales and revenue. A direct selling ecommerce business wanted to increase its sales volume through an improved shopping experience. Being aware of the varying market conditions, the brand wanted to establish its business and expand its scope to potential customers and markets. Staying abreast of rising competition and delivering top-of-the-line features to enhance customer shopping experience is indeed a challenge. Integrating breakthrough technology and attributes is what we focused on to upgrade the business to a higher level.


Our proficient team at Epixel broke down the existing business structure of our client to rebuild a robust foundation that is feature-rich and not vulnerable to competition or other challenges. Just like turning a concrete building called a house into a living space called a home, our professionals integrated every minute feature into the ecommerce MLM business platform to ensure an enhanced customer shopping experience which would ideally reflect in a higher sales volume. The prime focus was to make the brand a user-friendly ecommerce store that would entice customers to shop with the brand more often. A brand is identified for the products and services it offers. When a customer scrolls through the website of an ecommerce store, customers should be enticed by how it has been organized.

Catalog and inventory management

For this, product catalog management is essential which helps the company add, update and arrange products often according to their availability, new arrivals, and those that are out of stock. Organizing products according to the customer’s reach could influence a customer’s choice of shopping and thus increase sales. Once the product arrangement was set in place, promoting and marketing them was the next phase. Marketing analysts and experts at Epixel initiated built-in promotional tools like discounts, offer coupons, and loyalty programs in order to incentivize purchases. Our team foresaw that this will eventually increase customer acquisition and retention rates which are two key pillars that hold an ecommerce MLM business high. Along with this, the inventory management feature was also set strong to track stock levels and manage products through fast and smooth order fulfillment. This prevented product stockouts and customers not having to wait for their products to be back in stock. This impacted sales volumes where customers could choose to buy any number of their favorite products being aware of the numbers available in stock.

Reporting and analytics

Keeping track of how these revamped strategies are impacting the business is what we were keeping a close eye on. With our robust reporting and analytics feature, sales tracking and reporting were done meticulously monitoring overall performances and sales volume. These helped the client to reach better conclusions by analyzing various areas for improvement. These figures helped the brand with improved decision-making in all aspects of the business. The innovative feature to track advancement was also integrated into the ecommerce MLM system that gave the client a comprehensive view of the current rankings, and real-time updates on how distributor ranks are advancing which was also a great boost for distributors to achieve higher ranks.

Marketing and lead generation module

For any business, the ideal goal cannot be improving the sales figures alone. Rather than having a come-buy-leave policy, brands these days invest heavily in improving customer satisfaction through advanced customer relationship management techniques. With Epixel’s exceptional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, our client revamped their marketing and lead generation module. With marketing automation and lead generation, two powerful features that can efficiently take care of overall business processes, the company saw an evident increase in its customer acquisition rate. This further reflected in the number of active distributors improving the sales structure of the company.

Cross-selling and upselling

Implementing a strategy for a business to get going or improve its scope of growth and success cannot be limited to just one of its brands or products alone. Keeping this fundamental tactic in mind, we seeped in our cross-selling and upselling feature which has intelligent product recommendation algorithms that can captivate customer’s thought processes into buying something. More precisely, the cross-selling/upselling feature is aimed at increasing the Average Order Value (AOV) that shot up the sales figure.

Customer support and communication

As much as the client focused on improving its sales, improving customer satisfaction was given equal prominence. For this, we integrated our premium customer support features that took care of a wide range of customer requisites ranging from basic inquiries to post-purchase support. The live chat feature ensured that every customer concern was acknowledged immediately and effectively redirecting them to the ticketing system to bestow the best support. This elated customers’ feelings toward the brand resulting in increased loyalty and retention rates.

Product reviews and ratings

Effective customer support and communication are indeed non-tangible assets that heavily influence a brand’s growth and success. In line with this, special attention was given to understanding distributor and customer reviews on every product in order to improve its performance at an advanced level. The product review and rating system helped the client with social proofing which is a tried and tested social phenomenon that influences customer purchase decisions based on reviews and comments.

Social sharing and referral program

A satisfied customer is more likely to recommend or refer the platform to a second person. Keeping this basic human instinct in mind, we incorporated social sharing buttons into the platform to encourage customers to instantly share what they liked or felt content with, with their friends or colleagues. Also, a referral program was introduced where a referrer, be its a customer, or a distributor is incentivized every time they share a product or refer a new customer. This not only helped improve sales but customer acquisition rates too.

Customer segmentation

Customers were classified based on their choices and preferences with our customers segmentation feature which helped the brand identify customers based on their choices and personalize marketing campaigns and products for their specific needs. With the advanced customer segmentation capabilities, a stronger base was built which resulted in the brand seeing itself expanding to international markets.

Distributor onboarding and training

In the due course of improving sales and customer service, Epixel ensured that we don’t miss out on enhancing distributor performances as well. The company had a strong distributor base and we further strengthened its core with an assorted array of training and tutorial materials for training and onboarding which helped improve distributor knowledge and skills. This empowered distributor confidence improving their rank advancement rate ideally helping the client improve their distributor base through an increased distributor retention rate.

Gamification features

A distributor who is trained, skilled, and upskilled needs to be engaged and retained efficiently. For this, advanced engagement features like gamification were integrated with leaderboards, badges, and accurate displays of achievement levels. Unlocking each gaming level was set to improve distributor involvement at various levels gradually improving rank advancements through higher distributor engagement and retention rates. An active and engaged distributor seems to showcase overall performance improvement giving the best results for the company.

Multi-language and multi-currency support

By improving customer retention rates not only customer satisfaction was focused, but increasing repeat purchases were also given prime importance. For this, a multi-language and multi-currency support feature was enabled where diverse languages and currency choices were set to serve diverse automated email marketing campaigns to send out personalized emails, nurture leads, and engage with them further in their preferred languages and choice of currencies. This encouraged future purchases and repeated shopping eventually enhancing customer retention rates.

New Features


Compensation plan management


Commission tracking & calculation


Genealogy tree


Secure payment system


Repurchase & auto-ship


Training & Resource Center


Replicated website


Commission Wallet


Team Performance widget

Challenges Met

At Epixel, every new requisite that our clients pose at us is looked at as a new possibility. In that context, what got us engrossed with this case was to ensure that the numerous customizations made to the ecommerce MLM business platform were flexible and configurable with every compensation plan, and commission structure, and compliant with federal laws. Committed technological experts at the Epixel MLM Software reinforced our capabilities to handle large volumes of data to generate real-time reports that are decisive in monitoring sales, commissions, rank advancements, and other KPIs accurately. Yet another complex and challenging task was to meticulously plan and execute data migration from legacy systems, data mapping, and cleansing to ensure data integrity that reflects on the brand's credibility and authenticity.

Expected Results

Sales volume

Increase in sales volume

Active distributors

Increase in active distributors

Customer acquisition rates

Increased customer acquisition rates

Average Order Value

Increase in Average Order Value

Product performance

Increased product performance

Cross-selling and upselling

Increased cross-selling and upselling

Customer satisfaction rate

Increase in customer satisfaction rate

Rank advancement rate

Increase in rank advancement rate


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