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A matrix MLM plan is a traditional compensation plan with a fixed structure of spillover and numbers at a level. A 3*2 matrix looks simple in structure but what about a business with 100 members with a 3*2 matrix cycle for each of them?

It will very difficult to make a pre-plan for setting up different criteria for compensation calculation. MLM companies and consultants need a platform to make preliminary analysis to try out their strategy.

We are providing such an innovative platform, all you have to do enter the input as you planned. The system will simulate results based on your inputs and generates an output to assure you are on the right track or not.

If the compensation flow is not as you expected, it’s just a matter of changing the input to match the expected outcome. The system will re-simulate with the new input and calculated results will be shown below with visualization methods like charts.

Try out our FREE matrix calculator now and make your matrix MLM business perfect.

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Let me check matrix MLM software functionalities
Matrix MLM Calculator

Make a complete calculation of matrix MLM plan from the total levels to profit of the organization by just entering the necessary details in the corresponding fields.

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