Startups often stagger midway without a proper solution to handle their challenges. Especially in a vast industry like IT, competitions are wide and solutions, narrow. With all the technological advancements they set to conquer, the market is quite a different scenario. Marketing their products in the midst of tech giants is a herculean task faced by many startups.


Our client, now a leading IT services provider, approached us for a solution to establish their presence in the highly competitive market. Analyzing their situation we understood where the deficiency lay. Traditional and outdated marketing systems eventually gave up and their conversion rates dropped.

They were in need of an end-to-end marketing solution to relaunch their services in the market. Right from generating quality leads to maintaining a strong presence in the market was quite a bit of a challenge to overcome.


Being in the same industry, we felt all the more excited and committed to venture into a solution to make their brand shine brighter in the competitive landscape.

We developed tailor-made direct sales software that was designed to establish their brand within a short span of time. The research and development team at Epixel studied their products, their market, and helped them draft a compensation plan that stood in line with their product pricing and market requirements. The compensation plan was then integrated into the software with an automated commission engine to automatically handle the payouts. The LMS provided extensive support in training their distributors by setting proper goals to track individual performance.

The modular direct selling software built with a customizable back office and a state-of-the-art dashboard delivers cutting-edge insights into customer behavior and product performance across various markets. We assigned different user roles for admins, distributors, and sponsors, making it easier to handle the business conjointly.

The newly developed social selling module ensured consistent omnichannel promotions and engagement helping the company in rapid expansion. This new marketing solution built on research-based growth strategies was laid out to encompass a holistic view of their complete marketing activities, giving them the time and space to creatively launch and establish their brand sustainably in the ever-expanding marketplace.

Expected Results

Increased Return on Investment

Improved ROI

Conversion rate

Increase in conversions

Engagement rate

Increase in engagement rates

Connection and network growth

Inbound connections and network growth

Content engagement rate

Increase in content engagement rate

Prospect referral rate

Increase in prospect referrals


Further expand your market with promised conversions and a steady growth rate

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