MLM system migration services

Now easily switch your existing MLM system completely with Epixel MLM Software

MLM system migration services

Do you have late thoughts on migrating your existing direct selling or MLM system? Switching the current MLM Software Platform to a new one is crucial and finding a trusted provider is yet another task to fulfill.

Epixel is the best option to migrate the complete system from your existing MLM compensation plan to every configuration as per the requirements. We have completed many MLM legacy system migrations successfully in the past and provided them back with a stable MLM system. Epixel is one of the premium enterprise-level packages who are presently the #1 MLM Software provider with a wide customer base around the world. Have a look at our migrated customer experience from the following case studies and feel our prominence in the industry.

Migration & the possible reasons!

Obviously, you are an existing MLM Software user of a particular provider or a technical partner or you have plans to switch the system as you’re not getting the expected results.

The possible reasons for your decision to migrate are,
  • Your existing system failed to provide support as expected or promised from the software providers
  • Facing scalability issues while the size of the business grows or server issues while handling complete user activities
  • Inadaptable to upgrade the present system or any new technology updates
  • Change in the system model i.e. from SaaS, MLM plugins due to its limitations like high monthly charges, non-customizability issues, etc.
  • The present system is not user-friendly and facing performance issues
  • Facing support issues or communication gap from the technical partner end
  • Errors in configuration settings like calculation errors, eligibility issues, compensation variations, misplacement of users, failed to implement comp plan, joining package changes, token providing issues, etc.
  • Irregularity in payouts, managing users, genealogy tree/network explorer arrangement, e-commerce management, etc.

There may arise many such issues that made you thought about migrating into a better system. So, what exactly we can do to help your issues?

These are the main reasons for the switching and there are many other factors to consider to migrate your MLM legacy system.

Risk factors:

Even though you have made your mind to make migration there exists some risk factors.

  • Whether the migration be completely successful?
  • Will the migration affect the new MLM system?
  • Whether there will be a mismatch in any of the configuration - plan, rank, user data, transactions, etc.
  • Will the new system be scalable enough for future growth?
  • Is there any scope of improvements in the existing MLM model after migrations?
  • Whether the new system is adaptable for technical upgrades?
  • What about the performance and server capabilities for future changes?
Objectives & scope of migration!

The ultimate objective of migration will be - “in need of the best system that follows the legacy of your network marketing business without any of the above limitations”.

A hassle-free system with minimum risks and maximum output is the ultimate aim. The scope of migration highly depends on the above values. The migration decision must exactly contrast with your requirements.

Henceforth your decision to meet Epixel is a wise decision.

What do we offer you?

We’re open to any changes in the existing functionalities or configurations of the system. We can easily address any of the above issues and resolve them easily without any risks to bear.

By offering complete customizability, we deal with any current issues in your system. Our case study section in the top will explain about each of such issues and how we managed to overcome our customer concerns.

Basically, we help you to provide an entirely new system without losing the existing data and configurations. We won’t miss a single module and it’s a guarantee from our end. The scope and your objectives will be met from our expertize and experience in the network marketing field. Any sort of customizability can be added to the system after the migration is completed and proper validation is carried out during the migration stages to double check whether the changes are followed perfectly.

  • Data migration
  • Transactional record migration
  • User-profile migration
  • Commission & bonus configuration improvements
  • MLM plan changes [binary, matrix, unilevel, monoline etc]
  • New feature integrations
  • Existing configuration migration

Let us know these basic things first to resolve the existing issue and we provide you with a legacy system!

  • What are the present issues facing in your package?
  • What are all your requirements?

These two queries are far enough to help you in migration and set-up the desired direct selling back-office software. We’re happy to address and resolve the issues of the existing package!

Apart from the migration part, we help you in providing a stable system with latest and advanced features that make you never think of any more migration. We provide additional support and effort to make our customers satisfied with any custom requirements.

Here are some of the popular functionalities of Epixel MLM Software among our proud client’s.

Dedicated payout engine
Dedicated payout engine
GDPR compliances
GDPR compliances
After-sale support
After-sale support
MLM calculator
MLM calculator
Rank & commission calculation engine
Rank & commission calculation engine
Business intelligence tools
Business intelligence tools
Business financial tools
Business financial tools
E-commerce tools
E-commerce tools
Why choose us over other competitors?

Yes, there are many MLM Software developing companies out there and why choosing Epixel?

The best reason will be our experience in the industry and with that, we understand the present situations of a direct selling organization. This helps us to identify what’s missing from your end and what lacks in your existing package. With the help of our experts, we can provide the best solution and migrate the entire system and change the configurations (if needed) as per the missing links.

The size of your MLM business isn’t an issue anymore, we support migration services for any business scale. Enterprise-level migration services without any compromise is the greatest advantage of choosing Epixel over any other present MLM system providers.

Our system is flexible and scalable enough to modify any configurations such as rank calculations and criteria, setting up compensation plans, bonus and commission calculations, sponsor changes, payout system, and much more. Dedicated MLM commission software offers customizable commission configuration modules that can automate payout for each commission payment cycle.

Additionally, we help you in providing a new plan with new configurations and setting just as you desired.

The next aspect will be the security consideration and we offer the finest layers of security in this business.

PCI & OWASP Compliance
PCI & OWASP Compliance
Secure & Granular
Secure & Granular
Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
KYC (Know Your Customer)

The final part will be our team and sales support, we do have a strong team to support and develop you the best deliverable package. After-sale support and life-long bug fixing is our promise to keep the customer value high.

Cost & estimated time:

Cost and the estimated time depends completely on the migration requirements. However, our parallel working process makes things quick by completely following the requirements.

Our support and analysis team will update you regularly and provides you with a staging environment where customers can check the demo. We value your preferences the most!

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