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Dynamic compression technology in Direct Selling Software
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Dynamic compression is a technique used in direct-selling software as a commission-distribution deciding factor. Here, the article is highlighting the use of such technology and what are the features included in the software when this option is enabled. Is it reliable? Is the human effort enough to decide the commission and bonuses for users in a network? Let’s take a look at it,

Dynamic Compression Technology in Direct-selling Software

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dynamic compression against user differentiator

Dynamic compression - Mensch against Shady User Differentiator!

The optional feature – dynamic compression helps to distribute commission in MLM business effectively by considering several factors like the activeness of the user, distributor eligibility, rank etc. and then summon to a value for distribution. Using this method the commissions are automatically calculated and distributed among users as per above condition.

The system works as per sponsor levels and the one who is not active in group will be omitted from commission calculation and his/her immediate downline member will replace the non-active user’s position. Because of this method, one can earn what he/she deserves and no matter where the user’s position is, for sure they will be benefited.

However, there is a little issue regarding this“cut away” plan. Consider users haven’t achieved the desired sales target by 0.1%, then the user will be tagged as “inactive user” and they will be rooted off from benefits, when dynamic compression method is enabled. He/she will be denied with any sort of commissions and eventually fall under the shades of not meeting the needs.

MLM Software – The Miracle Of Technology

Software is the best option instead of human commission calculation, as it comes with a specific flow of relative features that can compare and consider the past and present details. It is pre-loaded with an algorithm that can sort out the issue like say, if anyone loses their commission due to unfortunate situations etc. And using this feature admin can modify this data for making up to the situation and then recalculate in a way, that won’t hurt any deserved member’s compensation figures.

Also the admin has the authority to disable this feature to motivate his group by offering bonus and commissions as per their effort or else as a statistical warning session. Highly flexible software like Epixel MLM Software can handle the feature with great perfection and reliability. Checkout this feature in our demo and try it out for your future business partnership with Epixel Solutions.

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