Competition is becoming a tremendous challenge for companies across all sectors. The growing need for an established online presence is also tapping businesses off their growth opportunities. Digital marketing companies have to struggle by and large to invent new strategies to hold firm in the unendingly competitive world while also ensuring to deliver a great user experience.


A digital marketing company in the direct selling industry was running short of referrals and wanted to reinvent a model that could help revitalize its marketing efforts and positively impact its client’s business. The existing referral network was also finding it difficult to amass leads, find the right audience, and get the content across to them.

Managing a referral network, far and wide, also posed severe security risks for their data and system. The existing system was difficult for a first-time user to interact with and work on. So, together with building a trailblazing marketing model we were also entrusted to build a secure solution to defend the threats and contain the breaches.


We developed an exclusively human experience model that would give them a competitive edge. The system has an inbuilt lead generation module that eases the task of finding quality prospects through a line of efficient lead generation activities. The independent lead generation funnel was designed to filter leads automatically into their CRM. These high quality leads are then processed and filtered based on an advanced lead scoring algorithm, slashing down the time and efforts of their marketing team in deciding which leads to focus on.

This constructive marketing automation module also offers a hassle-free solution to draft creative and personalized content that satisfies the preferences and demands of their target audience. Right behavior analysis and derived insights helped them remodel their marketing strategies to increase traffic flow to their website.

A series of digital features and experiences were also created to elevate the engagement of users. The simple yet sophisticated UI contributed to a positive user experience. It improved engagement rates with easier navigation and system interactions. The company also experienced a reduction in its customer support costs with the new UI.

Epixel mapped out their risks to develop a security architecture that would safeguard their system in the midst of a growing referral base. This new system can accommodate an increasing number of referrals at all stages of the business. The advanced data platform helps the company to adhere strictly to the compliance policies and secure their user data together with a flexible and secure payment system built to suit the different payment modes and currencies resulting in an improved payment success rate.

Expected Results

Reduction in bounce rates

Reduced bounce rates with the new UI

Reduced customer support costs

Reduction in customer support costs

Referral traffic increase

Increase in referral traffic


Running short of referrals? Revitalize your referral strategies with a smarter referral marketing model.

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