About Hybrid Plan MLM Software

Hybrid Plan MLM

One of the most advanced and highly recommended MLM Plans that have the ability to combine business plans together for customizing the options that limit the plans to a certain level. The structural alignment of the plan is more a monolithic way where the involvement of the team is like a single unit. Particularly, the plan doesn't have any sort of dictator to completely supervise the unit.

As the network gets wider and deeper, the whole compensations and bonuses depend on these downline users and have given greatest importance. So, the extent and the intensity of the member lineup matters the most in this MLM Plan. Hybrid MLM Plan thus eliminates the barriers of other plans by bringing in the elements or characteristics of other plans mostly, Uni-level MLM Plan and Binary MLM Plan. For example, what's the limitation of Uni-level MLM Plan? It gets wider and wider & at one stage "breakaway" concept drags in, so here using Hybrid Plan this limitation can be taken away and use the plan in a member/network beneficial way.

This helps to improve not just the plan depth but also, the whole amount of compensations and bonuses received by the members of the network.

How Hybrid MLM Plan works?

Hybrid MLM Plan works as we mentioned before the plan adapts the characteristics of any two plans mostly, Uni-level MLM Plan and Binary MLM Plan and improves the plan by removing the extra outfits that cap or curbs the plans. The structure begins with two legs i.e., left and right leg, the rest of the members comes underneath the first level of people. The order will be first left and then, right and again left-right combination, the structure will look like the below schematic representation,

Working of Epixel Hybrid Plan MLM Software

The order gets a depth touch and continues to grow more and more, thus the whole members regardless with where they stay in the network will receive good priority. And these legs will be well-balanced and result in building a great team.

Bonuses and compensations in Hybrid Plan MLM

Bonuses and compensations are of high value and most common types included in the packages are as follows.

  • Hybrid MLM Plans
    Fast Start Bonus
  • Hybrid Comp plan
    Sponsor Bonus
  • Hybrid compensations
    Custom Bonus

Fast-start Bonus

Fast Start Bonus in Epixel Hybrid Plan MLM Software

The Fast start Bonuses will be given to the distributors when they have achieved the target within a particular period and this is applicable only for newly joined members. Some companies will organize sales campaigns to boost the sales and the distributors will get the achievement bonuses when they meet the sales target in that particular campaigns.

Sponsor Bonus

Sponsor Bonus in Epixel Hybrid MLM Plan

The “sponsor bonus” or the “referral bonus” is the benefit which the user gets by bringing new members to the network and is of high value and demand that shows the spirit and enthusiasm of the member on improving the network growth.

Custom Bonus

Custom Bonus in Epixel Hybrid MLM Plan Software

Bonus structure or rule that is in demand can be customized by the back-end team as per organizational requirement and strategies. Business admin can make such an algorithm to plan a new bonus in accordance to the adapted plans.

So, these all bonuses, compensations, member management etc. can be easily managed using Hybrid MLM Plan Software and have the ability & features to improve the business plan for all MLM or Multi-level marketing or network marketing or direct-selling business professionals. Alongside with these features there is an additional option where the package can be made in a custom manner by adding new features and structure.