The parallel module processor - Adding new modules in parallel without affecting the existing system model!

One of the major issues that an enterprise level direct selling business faces is the extra modules addition. With the extension of a business or the upgrading time of business journey, new features and modules begin to roll out. The existing system may or may not be flexible enough to add up new modules without any issues.

It’s ain’t easy to address new modules in an ordinary MLM system and in buyer’s point of view it’s important to have this extensive functionality. If new modules are summoning in the system, everything needs to alter again. Let’s see what exactly the problem is and how to resolve this problem.

The problem

Few months before, one of the MLM emerging entrepreneurs in the industry faced an issue during their latest upgrades. During the initial stages, the bonus structure was basic, and as the business began to progress further, it’s time to add new compensations.

Alongside with sponsor bonus and matching bonus, he would like to add a new custom bonus, a special one with a particular scenario.

This special condition will make users in the network more engaged to earn more income through target sales. Thereby both business organizers, as well as the users, will be beneficial out of such new additional bonuses.

The real problem was at this point; the whole system has to be edited and has to match everything with the new addition. Millions of users exist in the network, and it was a real struggle to make this change in the MLM Software.

By spending a lot of time developing and testing the new module, they did it! The struggles they faced in this addition are,

  • Time consumption is high.
  • The network compensation structure needs to alter.
  • It may cause errors in the normal process.
  • The performance will be affected etc.

These issues will be faced during every stage of the system while adding new modules.

This problem has to address in no time to make the system stable for any future changes – the flexibility matters!

Analyzing the problem & deal with it!

As mentioned in the above part, the real issue is the flexibility and adaptability of the system regarding its performance. New additions always keep developers pushing to their limits.

A new way is in need to make the system reliable, and with proper research, a solution is found out!

By analyzing the system one after the other, with some programming skills, any such new implementations can be easily added up without changing the existing model.

The final solution!
  • "Hook" – this special function is the savior of this part, and it lets the modules to add up without editing the existing part of the system.
  • New events can add up, and the performance will not be affected and the process is termed as "parallel module processor".
  • With "hook" functionality, the new modules (here, the customized bonus addition) gets inherited, and the module-module communication is established with a certain pattern.
  • If new modules are added using this functionality, then it works in parallel with the current modules.
  • The previous modules align perfectly with the new module, and the solutions are best for every MLM system, especially for enterprise-level business.

A perfect solution, Isn’t it?

How the solution came out?
  • Any new additions are now easily added in the existing system without any issues.
  • The system has got great scalability and performance after the hook implementation.
  • Every module interacts each other, and new modules work well in parallel.
  • Business will grow steady and smooth with such an efficient MLM Software package.

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