Vesting feature explained in MLM software

Updated on 26 October 2021
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MLM Software comprises of many features that enhance business in a stable state, free of flaws in planning and organizing. “Rank Vesting” or simply, vesting is one of the user-friendly features that allow admin to allocate a rank for users directly without any sorts of criteria. It’s not a complicated process to understand and with the help of a brief description, this feature can be explained to you.

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What is rank vesting feature?

Rank vesting is quite an advanced feature that is available just for the admin of the network marketing business. The admin who is considered as the boss of the network or say the one who has the authority or the power to take decision among his/her network marketing business structure. If the admin feels that a user needed to be promoted to the upline member level then, the admin can add the user to a higher level without any meeting any criteria.

Consider the following scenario that in a binary marketing plan, a user in the left leg achieves a cent percent target or even more but the adjacent leg/right leg is weak and the commissions & compensations are set based on that weak leg. This creates a situation that the deserved upline promotion may not be achieved and here in this scenario, the vesting feature helps the user either by making the admin notified on the current situation or else the admin finds out by checking the details. Admin has the special privilege to use the feature and make the right decision, by means of this act, all the users will be encouraged that their effort is being noticed and it will make them active among the network. A crucial step is that this feature can create a positive vibe in the MLM business system and is the main advantage and call it as an add-on performance booster.

Epixel MLM Software comes with such a great feature that let the users happily engaged with their network marketing business and receive desired compensation with the help of business admin. We make one thing sure that using our package achieving milestones will be pretty much easier and we hereby presenting you MLM Software Demo to understand the vesting and other similar features.

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