20 Feb, 2018 - 19:19
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The analogy between business wallet & E-wallet exemplified

You ought to keep and store the whole pile of money in a secured wallet and pay up as per needs. This is the common way of dealing with your physical form of money storage, Isn't it? But, when it comes to online version how is it possibly handled? Especially in an MLM Software, there might be many transactions and similar sort of digital coins to store in. Hence need a special space to store all these digital money that can be used for any sort of money engaging activities.

And well, even in the wallet section there are many sorts of its variants available with the package. Here, in this article, we're more stressing on the analogy or a comparative note on B-wallet (Business wallet) & E-wallet. We have exemplified the analogy of these two wallets.

The business wallet is strictly available for just admin of the business network but not to other users. As an admin the responsibilities are high and so is the overall transaction side of the network. The expenses of the network maintenance do cost a good amount of money where certain awareness classes are conducted, lead capture campaigns are set off, and other expenses as well as income.

Every such business transaction involvements are taken out of this business wallet itself and are available in the wallet summary. It's more than a storage space, and it does cover up many aspects of business area's that involves money terms.

The next part is E-wallet, this particular one isn't a single owned feature. In fact, e-wallet or electronic wallet is available to every individual in the network as a separate unit and they shall own such wallets. Let's consider a network 'X' with members as 'A' and 'B', A makes a transaction to B and B wants to purchase some products from an e-commerce store. And for both A and B, they will have a separate set of wallets and can make the payment from it. There is well another mode of payments too but, the best one will always be that of wallet transaction as it is simple and there isn't any redirection or ledger involved in it.

So, in simple words, the wallets in an MLM Software does have its unique role and it depicts the story of the whole business process. One that belongs to the head of the business and the other available with the whole bunch of members. The business wallet is the advanced version of the wallet system as it involves complete business part. Well, these wallets are available with the navigation panel in the MLM Software Demo . By getting inside these parts separately, you will be able to understand more about these two wallets.

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