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Direct selling February news roundup
Business success

What got them here!

Growth graphs are often distorted and never a straight line. There shall sure be a fall and a rise. But if a company showcases sharp growth for four years straight that calls for a closer examination of its strategies. And if the same applies to 22 other brands that maintain a sharp rise, that could be a significant example for the whole of the industry to follow.

22 direct selling companies including pawTree, PM-International, PPLSI/Legal Shield have been showcasing year-over-year growth for the past 4 years and we dug in to find out the secret sauce which were


Leveraging AI to foster connections and tailor impeccable customer service


Embedding affiliate model and embracing omnichannel strategies


Diversifying product line to increase impact


Refine business strategies to adapt to evolving market dynamics etc

While weaving their own stories of success and growth, these brands are also setting newer examples for young direct selling businesses to follow...!!

Herbalife run

Racing to good health

With its continued commitment to corporate social responsibility, Herbalife raised $61,000 to support children in need of food and education in the Asia Pacific region through the flagship Casa Herbalife program. The brand hosted the Herbalife Run, its fourth annual app-based run, marking an overall activity of 1 million kilometers through 100,000 runners.

Stephen Conchie, Regional President of Herbalife Asia Pacific opined that, they are on a mission to inspire people to live happily with a healthy and active lifestyle. These lifestyle-changing initiatives from the brand have been widely welcomed by individuals of all age groups thus helping underprivileged kids conquer their dreams in the future.

High consumer stress

Stressing over stress!

The latest Consumer Stress Legal Index (CSLI) issued by LegalShield states that consumers are experiencing the toughest financial stress since 2020 owing to credit issues, auto repossessions, and billing disputes. With input from over 35 million consumer requests for legal assistance, Legal Shield consolidated that millennials and Generation X are facing the most financial tensions.

On the contrary, there has been strong GDP growth in the said years and record holiday spending too. However, considering the situation in the US, the economic pressure is not expected to decline anytime soon, foreseeing economic instability due to bankruptcies and foreclosures across the nation.

Distributor engagement

To engage and empower

Veteran direct selling brand ASEA launches its all new ASEA app to enhance distributor engagement. This groundbreaking innovation, and the first of its kind, is expected to revolutionize the direct selling arena and thus empower associates in more ways than one.

The ASEA app helps distributors operate seamlessly with direct messaging and uninterrupted communication, it also enables distributors to effortlessly introduce their products to end customers, innovative content and sharing tools, and advanced analytics tools that let distributors track their prospect’s journey and devise strategies to maximize success.

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