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“Ripple coin” – the third-most ranked Cryptocurrency used widely in transactions is not a gloomy module in fact one of the interesting and upcoming seasonal impacts of modern history. One can call it as the network connecting factor as there is central body between every transactions (Centralized).

What is ripple?

Ripple is actually a transactional protocol that allows transactions secured and well, mostly used by banks and financial institutions. Founded in 2012, the impact it made on finance sector is unexplainable! Beyond the capabilities of a Blockchain technology, it grows on and on because it’s not a consumer facing technology like Bitcoin is - "Ripple network".

One can call this protocol as a modern technology which is based on “general agreements”. Well, there is no mining included in this technology like other Blockchain technology involves around. It is actually a vast technology that can compete with the rivals – Swift system, an old centralized system that interconnects peer-peer network.

XRP – The centralized currency or an asset!

XRP is the Cryptocurrency from Ripple labs that got much appreciation in finance sector and is a great leverage as the centralized body maintains a clean sheet in transactions. Well, these XRP (Ripple coin) is not a mined product and does not evolve any mining schedules.

The ripple system works like this – The customer end where you like to transfer an amount into a bank, say the bank is across the borders and getting over there physically involves a huge amount of money and time. With the system you just need to transfer money as ripple coins and thus reaches bank efficiently without much transactional charges.

Ripple process in Network Marketing Business

Ripple coin is more an asset than just a coin, tagged under “intermediate currencies”, ripple labs created this magic under the transactional protocol – The ripple. Ripple labs is basically the centralized agency that maintains and organizes the working and processing. Network marketing software is thus unique by means of integrating such a cryptocurrency with vast options.

How is it different from other cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies plays a major role in online software modules where there is transactional part engaged with, they are well secured with technology named “cryptography”. Present situation trails such a system with many cryptocurrencies and the leading coin is Bitcoin. So how is it different from Bitcoins?

Bitcoins which is currently equipped with most of the online transactional system is more a consumer facing technology. Whereas ripple is a general agreement with a centralized body. Here in Bitcoin technology there ain’t any dedicated physical presence as an intermediate and the technology is open for contribution around the globe. However the Bitcoins are not as cheap as ripple coins and has certain advantages over the other cryptocurrencies. That’s the reason for its prominence over similar digital coins.

Well, Ethereum is yet another Cryptocurrency that have got great result within a limited period of time. “Ether” the element/coin of Ethereum technology is a decentralized virtual currency and mostly made for nodes/virtual mining. Ripple is mostly a B2B oriented technology and not used much for other technologies, but Ethereum is used widely. Comparing these three payment/transactional protocols, they differ in technologies and processing, but used commonly in online business by various business entrepreneurs. An end - end visibility and a quick payment process make ripple coin more helpful and usable. Ripple trading is a possible option in this 21st century.

MLM Software comprises of such many features and included Ripple transaction protocol for fast transfer between users from various parts of the globe. We have included such many third-party systems that helps in MLM business, investment plans, stock shares etc. Alongside with these features it offers high security for the best results.

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