Unilevel MLM Calculator

Unilevel MLM plan is one of the most popular compensation plans with the least complex commission calculations. The structure is simple to grab even for a beginner. However, the system will become complex once more users join the system.

Making commission and bonus calculation for distributors based on different criteria by not ignoring their efforts is a hard task to achieve. Epixel MLM commission software is an integrated system that includes advanced commission processing engine that can carry out error-free commission and bonus configurations.

What you need here is an automated system that pre-calculates all your tasks by setting the input values. With our free calculators, you’ll be able to calculate the entire business scenario and simulate the output easily.

You can evaluate your strategy and make changes to the criteria based on the output. If the value compensation flow is more than the expected result then you can adjust the value and make changes in the commission payment values.

Following this method, both MLM companies and consultants can evaluate if their strategy will work out well or not. Simply enter the values, let the system simulate the results, and display the output with proper data visualization charts.

Also, don’t forget to visit our unilevel MLM software for more details and functionalities to manage your entire business with complete automation.

Let me check unilevel MLM software functionalities
Unilevel MLM Calculator

Enter the necessary details in the below-required fields to calculate uni-level plan compensations, profit and much more with data graphs analysis.

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