MLM and Direct Selling Software for the Health and Wellness Industry

Automate your health and wellness business with Epixel MLM/direct selling software auto-pilot mode.

Put your health and wellness business in auto-pilot mode with our most innovative business management software. Powered with business intelligence, Epixel MLM Software offers an all-in-one solution for your direct selling/MLM companies.

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Market your health and wellness products with Epixel MLM software

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Ready-made MLM software for health and wellness industry with complete customized solutions

A complete marketing and management suite for your business engineered with the latest technologies like Python, Django, Golang, etc.

Automation tools for sale and marketing
Automated scheduling

Schedule sales, payout, marketing, and other important aspects with automation tools.

E-commerce store to sell products
E-commerce solution

An exclusive online store to meet more sales goals with intelligent support tools.

Get business insights by analyzing real-time data
Real-time business intelligence

Instant data insights about your business flow in real-time and track different business KPI cards from our BI-enabled dashboard.

Tools to reach a global audience

Expand and manage your worldwide health and wellness supplements/services business network with internationalization tools.

Manage all marketing strategies using a single tool
Marketing suite

Provide revenue boosters for your business with affiliate marketing plugins, reward systems, dropshipping, etc. Manage all these functionalities under one marketing suite.

Outreach more customers with promotional tools
Intelligent promotion

Promote your business with intelligent and conventional promotional tools like lead capture campaigns, referral link promotion, social media marketing, etc.

Enjoy faster and error-free commission calculations
Error-free compensation calculation engine

Make complex business calculations easier to process with our error-free compensation engine.

Manage customers through CRM for more conversions
CRM or contact management

Manage all your existing and new customers from one place. Introduce new products to every prospect and bring 10x faster sales conversions.

White-labeled MLM software to provide complete control over your health and wellness business

Efficiently manage your business by selling products & services, and discover more prospects in quick succession

Hassle-free commission calculation for all compensation plans

Commissions & bonuses

Our multi-threaded payout engine calculates commissions and bonuses based on distributor sales or productivity. Different compensations are supported in our system based on the chosen compensation plan.

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Advanced security compliances

Our system follows all up-to-date security compliances. Thereby offers a peaceful business journey without any possibility of an external attack. We update the system regularly with new patches to stay away from any vulnerabilities.

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Offering peace of mind to business owners by providing advanced security

Multi-lingual support

Our network is wide, and we want you to achieve the same. With the multi-lingual support available from our dashboard, you can easily attract more customers with the promise- ‘native language support’.

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Draw more customers with multilingual dashboard

We also support migration services from your existing system to Epixel MLM software. These services include,

Complete user details
All the generated sales
Member commissions & rewards
Support tickets
Payout history
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We support all business types in the health and wellness industry

Fitness products
Fitness products
Food supplements
Food supplements
Health journals
Health journals
Spa products
Spa products
Health clinic services
Health clinic services
Health kit supply
Health kit supply
Health and Wellness programs
Health and Wellness programs

Are you looking to start your own business? Then it’s time to contact us and begin your course of winning streaks in the MLM industry. Our system helps you in managing the entire health and wellness business as well as retain more customers i.e. increase in ROI rate.

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Epixel MLM and Direct Sales Software for the Health and Wellness Industry Reviews

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