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Network Marketing Software with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a secured technology that comprises of all mutual transactional details with secured guarantee for data. The technology can be considered as the backbone of Bitcoin integration as it is open to both client and buyer end, let’s talk more on this topic and realize the importance of such a strong database. So how Blockchain is created? Is it a combination of new blocks? How far is it secure and safe? Let’s check on that……

“Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value.”

Eric Schmidt Google CEO


–Eric Schmidt

CEO of Google

Importance of Blockchain Technology

Why is Blockchain Technology so important?

Blockchain technology as told you before is a secured database (well, not exactly database you can say a digital coded data with a tag as “evidence of presence”) that deals with the entire transaction of figures between two parties. Infinity number of blocks creates a Blockchain and every individual block is a computer code stored in a computer and shares this information with multiple nodes connected to this particular network group. The computer may be transactional figures, contract status, proof copies etc. The answer for security query is that the information or data is secured by means of data sharing to the connected chains with a digital signature.

This technology is the future and well it is faster and cheaper, as the connected blocks get increases so is the length and the complexity of the Blockchain. When an unauthorized block gets into the network which might look suspicious then, the connected computers in the network does have the authority to validate and later on remove the harmful block away as a combined strategy. Well, Blockchain technology is transparent with a two-way platform.

Distributed Ledger <---------------> Public Ledger

Distributed ledger carries the full history of recorded transactions which is available for the entire connected peer’s i.e.: multiple copies of the data avails less chance of data loss and hacking is out of the question in such a system. If at all a hacker hacks a system he/she might have hacked into all the connected systems for data acquisition. Public Ledger avails such privileges and the supply chain acquires to a large amount.

Integrating the feature in MLM business is quite a handy one and brings extra assets to user’s in any of the available MLM plans with great ease. Epixel MLM software considers such great privilege and has integrated this feature with perfect syncing with Bitcoin and Ethereum technology.

Blocks to build a business castle…

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