We owe you much more than a thank you!!!

We owe you much more than a thank you!!!

Team Epixel
Updated on 20 October 2021
3 min read

To our founders — our leaders, motivators, and inspirers…

How can a ship sail against the turbulence in the sea without an experienced helmsman? How can it get past the challenges without proper navigation and guidance?

In a similar vein, the course of a business is as exciting and eventful. Here at EpixelEpixel MLM Software provides technology solutions to help MLM and direct selling companies to digitally transform into a customer-centric organization., we have 3 helmsmen who take us through this eventful journey and make our lives more exciting. We were a small team at the beginning of our journey, now a 100. The growth of our team strength over a span of 5 years is worth highlighting. But more highlighting is the role that our helmsmen played…

Dhanesh Haridas, our Chief Technical Officer, Noufal P Bava, our Chief Executive Officer, and Sajin Rajan, our Chief Financial Officer.

You were much more than a source of inspiration, you were our source of learning. We build our knowledge base around your training and experience. You gave us the freedom to express our thoughts and encouraged us to be creative in our own way. That gave us the space to experiment with our talents and build our career more passionately. Your determination and courage have always been our confidence boosters.

The list is endless, our gratitude too… So now, it’s time for us to STOP. AND THANK YOU.

We thank you for the trust you had in us, the support you had given us, and the experience you had bestowed on us. Everything means a lot to us and we are forever grateful for gifting us an incredibly informal and warm work culture full of values and life. You have never gone short on appreciation and our achievements have never gone unrendered.

We have looked upon you and wondered how you complement each other professionally interchanging your responsibilities! We have seen you stand by for anyone in need, despite your position. You have been the ambassadors of your mission, and your values and commitment made us realize your passion, is not money but the betterment of the industry through cultivated values.

We take this opportunity to let you know how indebted we are to you for all that you have done and given us so far. Together we will rise to fulfill your mission in transforming the industry and make the world a better place to live in for our community. Thank you for your priceless investment in our talent, for believing in us, and for giving us the steering to your dreams!!!!


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