Thanking our most valuable assets!!!

Dhanesh Haridas
Updated on 21 February 2023
Reading time 3 min read

It goes without saying that employees are the most valuable assets to a company. If there could be two things that can uplift the name and fame of an organization, one obviously would be hard work and the other one, often underrated, is the happiness of people putting in that hard work. We started with a 5 employee team and now we are a team of 100 young minds working together in all highs and lows of the organization. We wish to dedicate this growth to all the employees who stood by us to reach this milestone. Your dedication and efforts were undoubtedly a meaningful contribution to our collective success.

Sajin, Noufal, and I knew very well how corporate work life is. We have experienced or to better put it the right way, we have endured all the negatives of it, and then, when we started Epixel our sole focus was to give our people a working atmosphere, a platform, to fully unleash their potential to their advantage. So, when we took you in, we made sure that we would train you to improve your skills, and to our surprise, your sincerity and ability to cope with any situation is par excellence. We only gave you space and place to grow but you molded yourself to be better human beings than employees and made our work and life so much easier and fun.

We have been watching the late nights you spent, the weekends you compromise, and the effort you invest... We have seen you work heart and soul into the projects, and the sweat and stress you infuse, and that shows how you guys have kept the company so close to your heart.

We always want you to be the best version of yourself and we will provide you with everything that can possibly accelerate your growth. We cannot measure your sincerity and efforts with money because you are incredible.. your dedication is priceless.. even the smallest contribution you make is irreplaceable in our way forward.

We chose this time of the year to let you know how thankful we are because this year had been a crucial one in our organization’s journey. When the whole world was doomed by the pandemic and with the economy swindling, when everyone was in the grip of anxiety, you stood by us and took us forward with your seamless support. ‘Thanks’ is just a small word when compared to what you have given us but we run short of words to let you know how overwhelmed we are to have you among us.

Thank you for standing with us in all ups and downs. Here’s to all Epixelians, in the past and present, together let’s raise a toast, to your ideas, commitment, and hard work, and with so much gratitude to your attitude, to the positivity, and the smile you send across our faces… We look forward to many more years of togetherness and support and count on you in each step we take on our road ahead.



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