About MMM Plan

MMM Plan (Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox) is one of the variants of Gift/Help Plan that is used as a global MMM Plan. The proceedings are simple and integrating or consolidating such a plan in MLM software is a pleasant procedure that has got much appreciated in MLM world.

Basically it does comprises of two steps - 1. Provide Help & 2. Get Help. MMM Global Plan MMM Software - Epixel


How Does Two-Step MMM Plan Process Works?

Let us explain the process individually for better clarification.

Working of Epixel MMM Global Plan Software

  1. "Provide Help", is the initial stage of the plan where MMM Plan progresses with a request to system. User have to fix an amount that is needed to be provided for provide help option, he/she have to contribute the amount to the system. The user who provide help will get Mavro of about 30% of the amount after confirmed receipts, here "Mavro" is the potential unit or the counting numbers of how much provide help one have made to other users in the plan. Usually the Mavro growth can be set by the admin of the plan and usually about 1 - 3.33% growth is given as the initial part and later own it accumulates to match the summed growth rate. Then, the created request will be in queue which is to be processed by the system i.e., automatic program. After the request approval the system generates a push notification asking you to complete the entered details and to transfer the funds. The notification will be available only if the "Get Help" side asks you for the request.

    First commitment and then transfer, this is the motto and label of the MMM system. And after such notification appears on the screen one can transfer the required "Get help" amount to the beneficiary without involving the system. The fund transfer is done directly to the beneficiary account by entering the account number and the name, that was enough for the process and the chance of errors are low with just human risk involved. After the completion of the transfer the donator have to upload the document of transferred details as a "state of proof". Now moving on to the other side of the process - Get Help.

  2. "Get Help", is the destination side of the plan where the beneficiary is set out for the ultimate help from the help providers or donators. Only those who provided help can request for Get help and none others in the plan will receive the required help and move on with the needs. Well this process does depends on one another factor - Mavro growth, i.e., entirely depends on how much help you have provided within the plan. A request have to be submitted while seeking help and this request have to be admitted by the admin and the system make this request live, someone on the other side - help providers will receive the notification and both sides have to pair up for the process to take place.

    The help seeker have to update the account details on the system and when matching providers is found the help will be provided directly between the provider and the receiver. After receiving the help user have to update the status so that the admin or the group will be aware of whether the deal is made or not. Yet another thing is that "happiness letter", it is nothing but a criteria to be fulfilled by the help seekers to calculate how much the effort has been done mutually, this have to be shared after the requested help is received. Well, there are many bonuses involved in the plan, the most important bonuses are as following.

MMM Compensation Plan Commissions

common compensations in MMM Global Plan
  • Unilevel Plan MLM Software Sponsor Bonuses
    Speed Bonus
  • Unilevel Plan MLM Software Sponsor Bonuses
    Social Share Bonus
  • Unilevel Plan MLM Software Sponsor Bonuses
    Guider Bonus
  • Unilevel Plan MLM Software Advancement Bonus
    Register Bonus
  • Unilevel Plan MLM Software Leadership Bonus Pool
    Referral Bonus
  • Unilevel Plan MLM Software Coded bonus
    Bitcoin bonus

How It Works

Speed Bonus

If the payment is completed within the time period set by the admin from the "Provide Help" side, then they are eligible for receiving the "speed bonus", the bonus amount and the time criteria is set during the plan rules formation.

Social share bonus

This type of bonus is received if the "Happiness Letter" is shared on the social media in terms of video cum audio clip, as text or picture. The shared media is having priority rate of bonus structure and is set by the admin.

Guider Bonus

In every MMM group a guider will be set by the member, and for member they have the opportunity to select a guider. For each guide they will receive bonus and level guide bonus for every new guides made by the participants who made you as the guider. Say, A appointed you as his Guider, B appointed A as his Guider and C’s Guider as B. then, as guider bonus you will get 5% for A’s contribution, 3% for B’s and 1% for C’s. If someone is under C, you will get another 0.5%, just like level commissions.

Register Bonus

Bonus received by the user's for their first contribution in the plan.

Referral Bonus

Bonus received for referral sharing that results in an additional member in your group. Referral links are used to share for this purpose.

Bitcoin Bonus

If the transfer of fund is made via Bitcoin you will be eligible for receiving an extra bonus i.e., "Bitcoin Bonus".