Epixel MLM Software wins Rising Star and Great user experience award ’17 from the FinancesOnline team, a B2B platform that links vendors and customers together

April 19, 2017

[Orem, Utah, USA] Epixel achieves yet another milestone and this time it’s from the B2B giant’s FinancesOnline, a California-based company. Epixel achieved this title by providing customers with loyal service and best technological background that satisfies every customer requirements.

“Ease of use is Epixel’s main advantage. All features present and accessible and navigation is a breeze, which really simplifies operations. If you value longevity, then Epixel MLM is definitely the software you need.” Radek Shwick, Customer Relations Manager, fincanceonline

Epixel MLM Software, one of the finest and best network marketing packages available that have got enough response among the world market is the right choice for MLM business. With over 207 projects in various parts of the world, Epixel has established its presence for the past 9+ years. This new achievement is a feather in one’s cap.

FinancesOnline a B2B, SaaS and finance solutions platform provides the customers with the option to choose the best package available in the online world. Search for software, compare it, and improve your business is all that they offer.

“It’s our hard work that made us achieve this title, the great user experience - it took a great sweat and thereby we gave our best with at most satisfaction. Go beyond the limits of technology from our experienced team is always the strength and always will be. Just like Christopher Gardner said, “This part of my life, this little part, is called happiness. And yes the momento of appreciation we got from FinancesOnline gains us enough and enough of happiness. We believe in our strength and we can move along with our customer choices.” says, Vishnu, Sr.Engineer, Epixel Solutions

Epixel MLM Software earns Rising Star and Great User Experience Award from FinancesOnline! PDF

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