17 Aug, 2014 - 05:17

Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. makes a royal footstep in the IT industry, and the start-up is likely to make an impact in the digital world.

[ Palakkad, Kerala, India ] Three leading IT geeks announced the formation of Epixel Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a software development firm aimed to satisfy customer requirements globally. Epixel Solutions is launched by merging 2Base solutions and its services. Initially, back in 2009, the firm existed in the name of “2Base solutions”.

Dhanesh Haridas, Noufal Bava, and Sajin Rajan hold the ownership of the emerging IT firm. The trio is well-experienced in the IT industry like in development, marketing sector, etc. In the launch event, Dhanesh announced himself as the Chief Technical Architect, Noufal as Business Solutions Architect, and Sajin as Chief Business Consultant.

Currently, the MLM industry is facing a serious downtime as the lawsuits are constantly questioning the business and its working architecture. To keep such a situation, and panic away a proper consulting is needed. As per the norms of Epixel, MLM consulting is a part of their job and thus provided with the development process itself.

“Consulting for new marketing plans, project support, language assistance, latest technologies, quick payouts, these modules and features let the MLM industry to grow further and an MLM Software is brilliant enough manage, control and organize all business sectors. A perfect ingredient for the perfect dish, that’s what it is” says, Chris, GoldenAge

Indian IT industry is going to beat every other developing organization sooner or later. These start-up’s promises such an intelligent move and no offense the world is going to get that impact in no time. With internet retailing and e-commerce trend, the growth rate of the industry will pump up to its peak at the end of 2014. What we see here is such an initiation, and that too in Palakkad shows the strength of knowledge and willingness to move forward with a great aim.


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