19 Apr, 2015 - 10:42

Epixel opens up a new space in Orem and extends their global presence by sharpening up the technological aspects.

[Orem, Utah, USA] Epixel Solutions opens a new branch office in Utah as a plan to extend the services to North America and Canada. Epixel currently operating in India makes a big leap forward by opening a new space in Utah.

“A new space, a new experience, It’s been one of the most anticipated days of our business life and we love to establish our brand across the world. Providing the best services to our customers and thereby making them secure in business terms – that’s our motto and always will be.” Says, Sajin, CMO, Epixel Solutions.

The new initiative enhances the business opportunities by engaging with the customers directly. Previously, it was rather tough to have a direct meeting as our consulting team has to fly all the way to get there. As per the reports, having a consulting office in the USA drains off such instance and with Richard Webb, as the consultant things are getting more smoother and easier.

The United States of America, after the recession, the economy has risen up again and is growing back to the normal stages. In the beginning period of 2016, it is expected everything gets back to its strong point and technically strong again.

“We’ll expand our territory to other parts of the world in the coming years. We’re going to hit the highest market cap, and I hope the digital coins will be an impact soon. We’ll get into such modules in our MLM Software for payouts, investment or trading.” Sajin added in the later part of his announcement.


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