Version 10.0 is considered as the most awaited update in the MLM software industry which outranks from its competitors

November 29, 2018


  • The most anticipated AI-based Business tool is now available in the latest version
  • Security modules with 2FA authentication, special email verification, and much more with advanced implementations.
  • Supports every cryptocurrency for payment, and other platform improvements feature in v10.0

[San Bruno, CA, USA] The most awaited moment in the MLM industry has finally rolled out – Epixel MLM Software v10.0 and is considered as one of the major updates in the software development platform. The new update has rolled out at the beginning of this month (November) and the update focuses mostly on performance improvements and security considerations.

“The new version update is one of our major update which is meant to change the customer view about customized MLM software. The main goal of this update is to improve the performance and security aspects. Here in this latest version, we’ve managed to improve many features as well as added new features like a dedicated compensation and rank rules engine, business intelligence tool, two-factor authentication, and email verification as additional security measures, KYC modules, CDN, and much more. And I guarantee you one thing, Epixel is a first and only brand that provides such extensive features by keeping every customer preferences followed.” says Arundas, Project Manager, Epixel solutions.

This update as we think is prior to the attacks happened in the past period of time in the digital world and it’s important to have a shield from such attacks. Back in the previous month, Epixel MLM Software rolled out their version 9 with security patches.

Epixel MLM Software is one of the most popular and best providers in the industry with 10+ years of experience and customers from about 88 countries. Epixel solutions have been constantly improving themselves and over time the team managed to develop not just MLM Software services but also something more like blockchain development, decentralized applications, KYC software, CRM Software, Exchange software, etc.

Check this link to know further details about version 10:

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