Epixel MLM Software updating their version by integrating latest technologies like blockchain and more.

July 02, 2018

[ San Bruno, CA, USA ] Epixel MLM Software, one of the most prominent and popular MLM software system is updating their version by integrating latest technologies like blockchain and more upgrades. The version promises to enhance the user as well as admin performance to a whole new level.

The previous version v 7.59 after a minor update was the most stable system provided by the vendors. The other major part of updates includes AI Insights, security updates, email verifications, payout processing, compensation calculators, etc. To ensure the best performance a dedicated engine for background processing is included. This update can be treated as a major one and with several beta tests to ensure the quality norms.

“I have got some exciting news for you, Epixel MLM Software is about to have a major update and we call it “Alpha X” and it’s official. Our teasers are out, stream on our channel for more updates” says, Noufal Bava, Business Solutions Architect, Epixel Solutions

Epixel, a well-known brand in the marketing industry provides a pocket-friendly solution that boasts off every customer side with the best innovative strategies. An eminent team with a handful of experience makes the organization achieve such milestones.

Read more on version updates: https://www.epixelmlmsoftware.com/version-history

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