Epixel extends their services to ICO development and marketing by offering a series of services.

June 04, 2018

  • Epixel conducted a conference with the team for new development plans.
  • The report says that they are moving to the next stage of blockchain services.
  • ICO development and marketing as new services for crowdfunding.

[ San Bruno, CA, USA ] Recently, as per the reports, Epixel extends their services to ICO development and marketing. The team offers a series of services from basic token development, website designing to post-marketing service modules.

The days of crowdfunding seems to be declining, and new blockchain projects begin to pop up in the digital world. An ICO otherwise known as Initial Coin Offering is an online campaign to raise funds required for launching up a blockchain project.

“The blockchain mode is on, and we’re upgrading our technological future.” - Rajesh, the blockchain expert and research head of the team. And he adds up, “ICO development is vital, and with detailed whitepaper preparation from our experts, you get enough room to accept in the token sale event. A secured token that can be exchanged, invested, and traded within or outside the network, we make sure about it. Well, marketing of an ICO event is difficult too, so we’re providing that part too as a complete package. There are more to come from our team.”

In the past few years, ICO is getting enough appreciation and is becoming one of the best options for fundraising. Epixel, an established firm in the software development industry is steeping on to such brilliant technologies in the past times. It does also improved their business standards in its best way and improved their global presence with big fishes in the industry.

As per reports out in the past day, the company has conducted a conference regarding the new technology implementations with their complete team members. ICO has been their new development strategy alongside with other blockchain related services. And after the conference, the news has come out like “ICO being their new addition”.

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