Epixel becomes a role model in the IT industry with charity works and helping hands to rebuild Kerala from flood relief

August 20, 2018

  • Kerala throughout has been affected with a destructive flood.
  • Numbers are high in terms of loss, both life, and mortgage.
  • Epixel marked its tenth year of its success journey on August 17th.
  • The team, unlike previous years, hasn’t celebrated in grant fashion indeed they helped the flood victims with bigger contributions and camp participation.

[Palakkad, Kerala, India] IT industry has seen its ups and downs in the past 10 years but Epixel Solutions stood firm during this period, and now on August 17th, they have celebrated their anniversary in its best way. As per reports from the employees they have decided not to make the celebration grant, in fact, they lined up by reaching out to flood relief campaigns and charity support.

Epixel Solution Pvt. Ltd. stepped into the industry long back in 2008 in Palakkad, India as one of the finest and best IT company in the locality. Until that period, the locality hasn’t seen any IT harmony, and Epixel pinned their spot in maps.

Recently, a sudden downpour during the monsoons, hit Kerala massively. Several people lost their lives and property, it was flooding everywhere and everyone was calling out for help. Civilians and officials joined hands to render help for the distressed.

“We all were a victim of such a horrifying act of nature and we took an oath to do something to help the needy. And with a positive contribution from everyone, we reached out to the affected people with all possible help. Our team then united together and started volunteering the camps. We have done something good, at least an effort to help, kudos to our team for this act and we will do such great things together-” says Mahesh, Sr. UI/UX Engineer & camp co-ordinator, Epixel Solutions.

Epixel Solutions is a private organization headquartered in Palakkad, expertized in web development, and services with consulting offices in USA, Hong Kong and Switzerland.

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