The experienced research and development team of Epixel Solutions has developed a new Bitcoin payment system

August 28, 2018

  • New payout system developed by R&D department of Epixel Solutions aid to overcome the existing charges levied during the payment time.
  • The new payment system is not just for Bitcoin but also for other altcoins.
  • The report says that the new development will keep the charges down to just the normal mining fee.

[San Bruno, CA, USA] Epixel has developed an advanced payout system for Bitcoin payment and ever since its launch the customers are too happy to express their joy. In the previous press meet, the senior most Engineer Muhassin remarked a few words about it.

“A new revolution is what we’re witnessing today from our side. As we have valuable clients around the world, we have got a good idea of the current payment system and there are too many hidden and extra fees levied in the system. So, we came up with a new idea after deep research and it’s promising by the way. It’s not easy to explain the complete process here so please refer our blog to understand deep on our new technique and I promise you’ll love it.”

Digging deeper into their private blogs, Epixel Solutions has made a new method to reduce the transaction structure. By keeping single BTC address for a transaction they have made the inputs to its lowest point and apart from the usage of third-party applications, a new system has been developed and implemented.

This isn’t the first time they have developed such upgrades or new systems to provide the best for their customers. Currently, Epixel Solutions do have a premium product with them and with a popular tag it’s known to be “Epixel MLM Software”. While using a third-party application or gateway some extra fee and service charges are imposed. This causes the extra penny to add up for each and every transaction made using the cryptocurrencies. To reduce this amount and sub-charges, with the help of some mathematical calculation, the team has come up with such a valuable idea and system implementation.

With innovative technology and latest integrations, the package has got great appreciation in the MLM industry and recently, Epixel Solutions have launched the ICO development and services.

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