We deliver the users the best experience with custom solutions. Switching the smartphones into a mobile wallet lets a user transfer or exchange digital currencies at ease.

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Finding it difficult to manage and store your cryptocurrencies?

You can store it all in a single wallet safely.

Considering user preferences, we offer Mobile wallet apps on cross platforms, supporting both Android and iOS. Buy or sell any currencies with ease at any time, anywhere, enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Real-time transactions
  • Exchange and wallet in a single device
  • Exchange at the best rate
  • Automatic trade set up
  • Send and receive your currencies safe
  • Credit card service with third-party integration

Concerned about security or privacy issues?

We bring in solutions for all your concerns.

Let’s check how Epixel supports you in providing mobile wallet solutions for cryptocurrencies
  • Send and receive your coins in real-time. Get the full control over your coins by keeping your private keys encrypted and store it in your mobile device.
  • Just copy the wallet address, transfer funds at ease and trade your cryptocurrencies with this single app.
  • Exchange your currency at the best price. You can exchange any currency and get the best price available for it.
  • If you set up an automation in the transaction by fixing the price, the trade will successfully be executed when the set price is met.
  • Using QR code scanning or address, you can make trade error-free. Easy buy using cryptocurrencies is possible and safe.
  • A user can top-up the third party payment app using the wallet app. With this, he/she can make purchases.


  • Built-in exchange
  • No separate exchange account
  • One time back up
  • Anywhere at any time
  • Integrated exchange services

On meeting seller’s and buyer’s requirements, an exchange happens. Admin can act as a third party exchange or any third party can match the buying selling requirements.

A user can make exchange internally; in the case 2 accounts of the same user. eg: from my BTC wallet to my USDC wallet


  • Multi-signature confirmation
  • Track transactions
  • OTP verification
  • Transaction password
  • Limits per day/week to minimize the risk
  • Cold storage
  • Verify token authenticity
  • Private keys are encrypted
  • Limit in transaction history access
  • KYC verification

Fingerprint detection, face detection, App lock, etc ensure safer solutions.

Store your cryptocurrencies on the offline digital wallet, thereby preventing it from unauthorized access.

Transactions can be tracked or monitored by a group. This group will authorize the transactions.

During each exchange, each transaction, and at registration, OTP can be sent to users to verify the account.


  • Uniform fees
  • Fast International payments
  • Free transfer between the wallet users
  • Buy crypto with fiat money
  • Unlimited currency support

You can transfer or exchange any currency for the same fees. There are no limitations on the minimum and maximum amount you can transact.

User-friendly support

  • Push notification
  • Contact support
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Favorites
  • Chat
  • Feeds
  • Promotional posts

Users can enable or disable notification and get any information about currency rates & market fluctuations.

Users can chat internally with the other users and also get the support to clear any doubt regarding wallet usage.

Users can promote the sale or exchange through social media platforms and can add or share news in feeds.

Third-party API’s

  • KYC (Admin has no responsibility)
  • Real-time value conversion (BTC or USDC to USD)

Admin has no responsibility in verifying the customer identity. The authorized third-party will be doing the verification.

We stand unique in providing quality solutions

All transactions are made easy with native support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and ERC tokens. Supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple testnets, we help you test or detect and edit the errors or problems that may occur in your digital currency. We offer integration of new stable coins and custom altcoins.

Epixel offers built-in exchange that helps to give the users the advantage of buying major cryptocurrencies using credit cards or debit cards. One can also instantly convert the digital assets from within the app. It also lets your internal account transactions quick and free.

As the transactions are done internally, there is no need of waiting for the approval of nodes and hence done in much speed and power consumption and data usage can be reduced. There is no need of downloading huge blockchain files locally, thereby time and power can be saved.

Easy communication

Giving multi-lingual support with native support for Spanish and English, Epixel let the customers feel free to make their transactions without much stress. We help you monitor the price of cryptocurrencies and follow your favorite cryptocurrencies and get alert on the prices.

The users will be getting an emergency alert when the circulated coin does not fall under the preconfigured limit. This will help the users to manage their transactions in a safer way. We help you keep up to date with the latest news related to the crypto industry.

Offering high Security

Integrating with the latest technology, our system offers high-security features with two-factor authentication, biometric authentication, setting 4 digit pin, etc. Apart from that, the cold storage concept is also introduced to store or move uncirculated coins safely.

The funds will be safe and all the details regarding user wallets or transactions are highly secured using cryptography and will be in the user's ultimate control. The offline wallet restricts access to the blockchain from the public and lets the private keys never go out from your device. An additional layer of security is provided via face recognition and duplicate account detection along with KYC.

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