Iphone Application Development

IOS platform - the new opportunity. An agile technology brought into the ios world through the hands of our iPhone application developers.

Iphone Application Development India

There’s no denying, IPhone application development service demands certain amount of skill set, experience and industry knowledge that are beyond the traditional experience. Fret not; our team of experienced, skilled and expert IOS specialists will add wings to your idea and develop it into a feature-rich iPhone solution, loaded with interactive, flexible and highly customized features.

As things stand now, the iPhone app market has become incredibly lucrative. However; the catch line is - in order to successful, you need to have the right app with apt functionality, with flexible rollout and last but not the least with right app development support and solution. Yes; that’s where we come in.

We are happy to tell you that Epixel Solutions Private Limited have now become the most popular technological hub and our expert team is continuously develop technically improved, feature rich, customizable, flexible and best in class IOS apps for our customers.

It is pertinent to mention here, apart from great experience and expertise in design, development and application architecture of iPhones, we have a thorough and detail conception about Apple platform and about its different components.

Below are some basic components of Apple platform

  • Core animation
  • Core audio
  • Core location based framework
  • IPhone or IOS SDK
  • Webkit programming
  • Objective C/ Cocoa Touch/ C++
  • SQLite database
  • GPS, accelerometer
  • Programming tools such as Interface builder and Xcode IDE

Yes; we are dedicated and passionate about our developed iPhone games and apps. We stand behind our solutions and ensure the success of their potentialities within the market.

IPhone Application Development process

When it comes to iPhone app development, we stand tall as your premier partner. No; our IPhone app design and development process does not start with a technical spreadsheet, but we discuss things without any jargon.

We listen to your requirements and needs and then we go in-depth in determining your business goal.

We try to understand what exactly you hope to achieve through iPhone app and what audience you’re trying to reach.

Once we understand everything in detail and once we have a full grasp on all the metrics, we start the design and development process.

The Design and Development Process

Our design and development process is innovative, flexible and capable of delivering ROI.

At Epixel solutions Private Limited we value the fact that iPhone app development is not all about our expert designers and your company. Neither it is all about the App Store or the iPhone platform. Rather it is about your users, about your target market, about your audience.

In order to make your app successful you need excellent functionality, seamless, flexible and bug-free app that offers stability. Yes; that is also where we excel.

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