Bernard J

Bernard J.

A company with integrity and effective support system that actualize even all your crazy ideas!

Epixel has been essential part of our company team who paved the way for our success and growth for the past 6 years. I deeply trust the CEO and the whole team. They put their heart into supporting us. And they are continually evolving their support system. Our company has developed extremely complex and uniquely customized system. They always supported me to create features no matter how crazy and creative ideas I come up with.

Communicating with the team at night time can be tiring sometimes. Yet, the good side is that the team check and upgrade our system while everyone is asleep in the U.S. So this works out for us. Also, they provide various systems to support us to communicate with them based on my preference.

From online sales to all backend admin support systems including very complex commission calculations, Epixel helps us solve all problems.

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