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Blockchain Application Development India

Developing a digital platform that keeps your business layer attached is always a point of development. The blockchain is one of the most innovative technologies that offer wide diversity and application. Epixel blockchain Development Company offers you the best blockchain development services as a solution for the third party involvement and charges.

Let’s see the normal transaction procedure, you are here in Michigan, USA and you’re going to order an “Eiffel tower painting” done all the way from Paris, France.

Without Blockchain( Normal Procedure )

Without Blockchain
With Blockchain

With Blockchain

Possibly, you can see how many parties got involved with this process.

The fact in the above process is that here, not every part is open for disclosing their data. i.e., here each and every field doesn’t link to each other. So, you could say that the system isn’t perfect for a buyer both from local to international level deals.

Blockchain technology is the best solution to avoid this scenario. These all part will be linked each other through nodes and the process is public in nature. This helps every organization to become transparent with their potential customers and make deals with enough clarity.

The picture ( with Blockchain ) shows you the big difference between the normal way and that of distributor ledger system i.e. blockchain technology! It’s a smart move in online business! Well, apart from its transparency, yet another factor that is going to impact will be “security”. It’s the primary concern as the technology needs to be adaptive and scalable enough to become “well-secured” stage!

How Epixel stays unique as a blockchain development company?

And Epixel blockchain development agency brings you something more, something unique. “Blockchain in network marketing”, a whole new way of making the system stable with unlimited members. We offer you a blockchain multi level marketing business package with advanced and premium features that will enhance your business.

One of the best initiation form Epixel to overcome the difficulties that are faced in the network marketing world.

With your own blockchain developers, you could potentially create your own eco-system with new cryptocurrency, smart contracts, wallets, supply chain, Proof of Existence (POE), dApp development etc. And the transparency is not what you’re looking for then, we have a solution for that too. A “private blockchain development”, potentially we can make the nodes private as per requirements and the parties who are directly involved in the process will be able to monitor or validate it. External nodes don’t have the authority to view these data and thus privacy is maintained as per your requirements and policies. We could carry it out with our own projects or else through Hyperledger.

What do we offer?

Blockchain consulting

We assist and help you to make your blockchain idea into reality. Our expertized blockchain engineers let you helping hands from researches to complete development stage.

POC development

Developing a protocol for making your project ideation appreciated loud and clear. We provide you with a Proof of Concept (PoC) which pushes up your project with a better chance of getting accepted.

Smart contract development

A set of protocols created using digital codes in blockchain lets the transactions accurate. We call this development, “blockchain as a service”.

dApp development

A decentralized application that can run on any platform using blockchain technology. Our application development helps you with such innovative services using blockchain system.


A private-project development with open source platform for improving the cross-industry applications. Epixel blockchain developers help you to advance your business with such valuable efforts.

Cryptocurrency development

Developing a unique digital coin for transactions, investment, token sales and much more. We provide you with an altcoin development platform with your own branding.

Private Blockchain development

A non-transparent blockchain network with a virtue of providing you a private network. A custom blockchain with a “permissioned network” developed by our team.

Enterprise blockchain development

A unique platform with complete services required for running an enterprise. We develop you a single system that can carry out every enterprise modules and process.

Supply chain blockchain development

Yet another cross-linking platform which can run under the power of blockchain services offered by Epixel. Empower the business across the cross-platform now.

Nowadays blockchain is a trending part in various fields of industry

Blockchain technology is predicted to disrupt at least few of the following industries.



Stock Exchange

Social Networks

Real Estate

Banking & Finance



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Blockchain technology is predicted to disrupt at least few of the following industries.

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