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Chris Lewis,


“Great experience working with Epixel team, the MLM Software they develop is unbeatable and work for my benefits with constant support.”




“Amazing package! Helped in numerous ways, satisfied clients, which is so important & the package provides it!.”




“ChowNow creates a dialogue between our restaurant and the guest.”

  • Laurel Fee
    Chief Administration Officer

    51-200 employees

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    Our tech partner quest ends up in Epixel and I wish I had found them at first!

    Why We Chose Epixel It is very clear that Epixel did their homework to explore what multi-level companies need from a company standpoint and a distributor standpoint. They took each area and made it simple, nothing is missing. From displaying commissions, e-wallets, viewing your downline, they even have built in referral links and banner ads that distributors can post on social media and in emails using copy paste. Event calendar, a news from the company that can be added and changed in less than 5 minutes. You can reach every member with an announcement in an instant. Did I mention simple? Of course, you can have auto emails sent out such as, password reset or you have a new member, any auto email you need. But additionally, the administrator can compose an email just as in Gmail or Yahoo and click send. The emails are clean and attractive. You can email your entire data base in an instant right from the administrator site.

    Users can add their picture and banner under their profile using today’s technology like Facebook.

    Epixel does not use cookies so no more instructing distributors how to clear their Cache. This is not available from other companies that we found. It is a needed and essential function.

    They understand from every vantage point what is important to have and how important being"user friendly" is. They know multi-level business models inside out. This knowledge together with their programming skill set is a perfect match and yields a perfect product. You won’t be disappointed with Epixel.

  • Azlizam

    80+ employees


      Quality, problem-solving, and precise execusion!

      I really appreciate the MLM Solutions that Epixel Solutions offer. Besides, I also appreciate the quality output, problem-solving capabilities and the precision of execution that this company offers within the specified time limit

    • Sabani Abdullah

      100+ employees

        Exciting & amazing!

        Epixel Solutions was suggested by a friend of mine. I needed someone to get involved with an existing MLM project. I was amazed how quickly Epixel Team were able to grasp the MLM plan concepts used to make this application a reality.

      • Renu J.
        Renu J.
        IT Engineer

        Used the software for: 6-12 months

        Al Jaber

          I was very pleased Epixel MLM software . Highly recommendable multi linguistic MLM software!!!

          Pros: Multi-language support and multi-cryptocurrency support. Most of the cryptocurrency payment options are available with Epixel MLM Software modules.

          Cons: Not much to talk about the cons but, can include voice input if possible. It will be an add-on for us.

        • Steve L
          Steve L
          IT Specialist

          Marketing and Advertising

          Used the software for: Less than 6 months


            Phenomenal MLM software tailored to our needs

            Pros: We needed a MLM software that can meet all of our requirements in a short time period. Epixel quoted us reasonable amount and they delivered what they promised. The software is very modular and it lets you configure many settings like your compensation bonus details, tax configuration by state and so on. The content management system was easy to use and it allowed us to add new pages quickly.

            Cons: The initial design of the registration page didn't let the users see the enrollment packages they were choosing, but Epixel quickly added a new feature to see the contents of our packages.

          • Network marketing Software Review
            Pravin Raj K
            Senior Software Engineer

            Information Technology and Services, 51-200 employees

            Used the software for: 6-12 months

              Stable and hassle free software

              Pros: I feel ePixel have strong experience in MLM business plan. After understanding their expertise in MLM, I had decided to purchase their MLM backoffice. I am using MLM backoffice for more than 6 months now. I feel software is hassle free so far. I personally appreciate Epixel Team for their good work and hope this will continue in feature as well.

              Cons: My concern is about the timely delivery. My project has delayed 2 weeks from agreed timeline. My launch got delayed. But overall satisfied with their services.

              Overall: I am satisfied with the software and their support

            • Michael H.
              Operations manager

              Recreational Facilities and Services, 501-1000 employees

              Used the software for: 2+ years


                EPIXEL has been like a Sunshine after a long rain !

                Pros: Reactivity ! 100%, Fast problem solving !! Custom design and understanding customer's requirements !!

                Cons: Sometimes designs, at first place, are a bit too different, but immediately they will change it on the requirement.

                Overall: Easy to use, complete and reliable !

              • Richard W.
                Richard W.
                Owner & CEO

                Internet, 1-10 employees

                Used the software for: 1-2 years


                  Fast, Reliable & Innovative Software

                  Pros: I have dealt with several MLM software companies with mixed results. However, with Epixel, not only do they understand the complexities of compensation plans better than most, but they also build their software with the 'end in mind', meaning that they place a high importance on scalability and security. Their team is highly professional and I have found that they meet their timelines better than other software development companies I have worked with. The results speak for themselves with happy customers, 'easy to use' intuitive interfaces and the best value you can find in quality MLM software.

                  Overall: Great functionality. Great User Interface. Fast response with timelines met. Great Customer Service Experience and Communication!

                • Eastan H.
                  Eastan H.

                  Financial Services, 51-200 employees

                  Used the software for: Less than 6 months


                    Epixel Review

                    Pros: - Professional

                    - Capable

                    - Intuitive

                    - User Friendly

                    Cons: - Grammatical errors present occasionally

                    Overall: We were skeptical to outsource our software after a previous bad experience with another company, but Epixel has been incredible and we are very glad to have chosen them. They met all of our project requests and exceeded our expectations. After the project was completed, they were willing to work with us on any additional editions / enhancements to our software and they even worked with us on holidays when they were out of the office when we needed quick technical support. There has never been a project / work request that they couldn't code for and communication is fantastic. Their entire team is amazing, and we can't recommend them enough!

                  • Bence V.
                    Bence V.
                    Co-founder, CMO

                    Marketing and Advertising, 1-10 employees

                    Used the software for: 6-12 months


                      Good company, they resolve everything

                      Pros: Problem solving attitude, quick actions most of the time, professional employees

                      Cons: At the beginning, communication was a bit hard, but both parties get into it soon, since then everything is smooth.

                    • Joey R.
                      Joey R.

                      Used the software for: Less than 6 months


                        It was a great experience. Rep really was helpful and got me through the process.

                        Pros: I really enjoy the back office and the individual portals for each agent. This is going to make everything transparent for the agents and we all know that transparency is something that they really like.

                        Cons: I haven't had a disappointment yet. They have helped me with every question I have had. I definitely recommend this company to any one that is looking in getting started in a MLM.

                      • Harold W.
                        Daniel M.
                        Shareholder & public relations

                        Computer Networking, 1-10 employees

                        Used the software for: Less than 6 months

                          Graet communication , great support !! Really happy with their work !

                          Pros: Software is really easy to use and the team is really flexible , asked changes are done in a minimum of time !

                          Cons: I just can recommand it to everyone . Even the use of their demo versions shows the possibilities of the software and the knowledge of the team.

                          Overall: The software is almost complet, all fonctionalities can be implemented in a real short period of time. And the whole team is working really good , Software is really flexible !!

                        • Harold W.
                          Harold W.

                          Online Media, 501-1000 employees

                          Used the software for: Less than 6 months

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                          My Softwear from Epixel MLM Software

                          Pros: it is easy to use and ingenious and simple to use

                          Cons: simplicity of operation and handling and simple to use

                          Overall: we already have a softwear from another manufacturer but Epixel MLM Software is much better and faster and easier to use. Thanks to Epixel MLM Software. Too bad we took detours and didn't immediately found Epixel MLM. Epixel MLM make ourer company better an faster with this Software

                        • Noufal B.
                          Marketing Manager

                          Marketing and Advertising, 51-200 employees

                          Used the software for: Less than 6 months

                            Great MLM Software

                            Pros: Ease to use.

                            Neat and clean design

                            Good After Sales Support

                            Easy to integrate any payment gateway.

                            Easy Multi language options

                            Cons: Epin Management system need to improve

                            Overall: Epixel MLM Software is one of the great mlm software that i ever used. I like Epixel Solutions Support and Services . Very easy to use, and have a very good design. I would strongly suggest that people try this Software

                            Recommendations to other buyers: Epin Management system need to improve

                          • Bill K.
                            Bill K.

                            Health, Wellness and Fitness, 1-10 employees

                            Used the software for: Less than 6 months


                              Excellent experience working with Epixel!

                              Pros: The best part about selecting Epixel was the partnership we have experienced with them. They are very responsive and work towards always satisfying our requests. I'm very happy that I choose them over the countless other options!

                              Overall: Complete customization!

                            • PRAVIN RAJ K.
                              PRAVIN RAJ K.

                              Information Technology and Services, 11-50 employees

                              Used the software for: Less than 6 months

                                All of my partners are pleased with the software you have developed for my business. My disicion to

                                Pros: Highly customizable, Competent team with appreciable skillsets, Good support, The team is very corprative and easily understands our requirments

                                Cons: Fornt-end design need to be improved. Anyway I can understand that your team is not much focusing on this part. But still you have managed to provide decent front-end webiste.

                              • Suzyo N
                                Suzyo N

                                Computer Software, 1-10 employees

                                Used the software for: 6-12 months

                                  Recommended Multi Level Marketing Software

                                  Pros: It has all the types of Multi Level, from binary to matrix. The software is fully customizable and the team offers great support and customer service.

                                  Cons: Its a bit complicated and hard to understand with the configurations for a first time user.

                                  Overall: I used it to make an MLM system for a client, they were very happy with it.

                                • Chris K
                                  Chris K
                                  Cofounder and Tecnical Director

                                  E-Learning, 1-10 employees

                                  Used the software for: Less than 6 months


                                    Very robust solution and receptive team

                                    Pros: The software don't have anomaly. All the basic functionalities seems very robusts.

                                    The support es very receptive.

                                    Cons: Every changes need a process that it's sometimes last long

                                  • Vinil S.
                                    Vinil S
                                    Project Coordinator

                                    Used the software for: Less than 6 months


                                      Great experience working with the ePixel team, very responsive.

                                      Pros: I absolutely love the support, something you can't find with every business. As a business owner myself I value support services.

                                    • Bence Verebelyi
                                      Bence Verebelyi

                                      Company Size: 501-1,000 employees

                                        Problem solving oriented company.

                                        Problem solving is the main focus of the company. They are helpful, and quick most of the time. Communication was a bit hard in the beginning, but since then both us and they got into it, and we cooperate smoothly. They resolve any occurring issue, it's only a matter of time.

                                        Pros: They resolve any occurring issue, it's only a matter of time.

                                        Cons: Communication was a bit hard in the beginning, but since then both us and they got into it, and we cooperate smoothly.

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