Android everything with new applications. Developing an application in the most popular android application is now easy, and bug-free!

Android Application Development India

Did you know, more than 70% of the mobile users in the world use Android? Yes; it’s fact. As things stand now; Android app development stands as crucial element to any business in this Android era. In fact; customised Android app development can work wonders. Leveraging the wide range of tools and latest technologies we at Epixel Solutions Private Limited design and develop customized applications that are scalable and powerful, flexible and feature rich for any android devices.

We have a highly skilled team of Android-app developers. Our team is skilled in design, development, testing and deploying the Android apps.

Yes; we are experienced in

  • 3D graphics
  • OpenGL
  • Architecture of Android security
  • Wi-Fi APIs
  • Location-wise service APIs
  • Android media based APIs
  • Software-development kit of Android and other related technologies.

Our Android applications are developed employing java along with the android SDK. We carefully monitor the development process using some state of the art and best in class support software.

Our android application development framework consists a motley of external technologies such as

  • C, c++
  • 2d and 3d graphical application
  • Programming interface (api)
  • GPS enabled services
  • Gaming engine support and more

We offer cost efficient, dedicated, transparent and reliable android app development services. Years of industry experience, acute know how, Android knowledge and proficiency in developing android applications are a few distinct features of our team. We perform deep research and analysis in order to meet your requirements, business goal and your expectations.

Developing Android apps in all Android OS versions for years, Epixel Solutions has now become a leading name to rely on. Yes; our track record speaks for itself. We conceptualize, design, develop, test and deploy and customize Android app as per your need, business goal and demand.

With us you can expect:

  • Complete confidentiality of business information & business Data
  • Complete understanding of your app development idea
  • Skilled, experienced and expert Android app developers
  • Feature rich, flexible, user friendly and accurate apps
  • Salable development process
  • 100% satisfaction

Do you have an app idea? Talk to us!

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