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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

You like to make a potential investment in “X” coin but what you have with you is “Y” coin. What are going to do now? You obviously need a platform to convert the coin for a potential investment. For such many use-cases, a cryptocurrency exchange is an obvious choice and we’re here to help you out by developing a White Label cryptocurrency exchange software. Epixel blockchain developers offer a perfect solution by making available most of the cryptocurrency in the exchange options.



The platform is highly secure and is protected with multiple layers for throwing away the chance of online attacks

Multi-user system

The exchange platform offers multi-user exchanges for a single period of time even without any fractional delays


The complexities are off from the table with a user-friendly and simple procedure for making the exchanges.


The exchanges made in our platform are quick and precise with premium options.


Epixel cryptocurrency exchange software supports multiple languages both in package as well as in the case of tech support.

Multi-payment options

Buyers and sellers can make the exchanges easily using credit cards, internet banking, debit cards and much more.

Bot system

A complete AI based bot system is integrated with the package for maximizing the technological abilities of the platform.


Store and keep your crypto coin in multiple wallets after and before the exchange is carried out.

Epixel cryptocurrency exchange software development company offers many features in addition to the exchange process.

Crypto coin creation with our expertized coin development team

Airdrop and coin marketing for best coin circulation

Launch token sales for crowdfunding (if needed)

Make your crypto coin available with the exchange list

Exchange your crypto coin with other altcoins

Store crypto coin/cryptocurrency in multi-wallet

A complete decentralized platform that can be accessed from any part of the world

Insights and history status availability with report generation feature

Current market cap and rates of cryptocurrencies

Available features of Epixel White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software are

Direct exchange

Exchange your digital currency with another directly and with high-security.

Market rates

The current market rates of various cryptocurrency with market cap.

Affiliate programs

A list of on-going crypto-affiliate programs and their availability to the public.


A complete data chart about the exchange platform for the best exchange analysis.

Digital Wallet

A high-security multi-storage system for every cryptocurrency.

Profile with history

A brief history about your exchange profile with complete details.

Additional features are included as per custom requirements. For more details contact us and if you’re happy with the above feature to make a quote and we’ll call you back right away.

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